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Projects in the near future:

August 10-12, 2018: - Orø-døgnet 2018 - 48 hours of music and art in the Danish island of Orø

2018: Early October my record "Music for Winter Brothers" will be out
- Link to trailer
- Preorder here

2018: Producing 12 radio programs for the radio station The Lake, describing 12 different places/locations in sound. The name of the program will be "Listening to Places"

October 2015 and onwards: Working on footage from Myanmar to make a film on heroin abuse and choir singing, among other things, together with William Zeuthen

- Recording from my choir project with the former drug addicts at the "Youth for Christ Center", Myitkyina, Myanmar


Updated content on the site:

- Herresangere med gonger, maj 2018. Recorded at Christianshavns Beboerhus, Cph.

Male singers

- Music from workshop at Ryparken Lille Skole, 2017

August 19-20, 2017: - Orø-døgnet 2017 - 24 hours of music and art in the Danish island of Orø

August 19-21, 2016: - Orø-døgnene 2016 - 48 hours of music, art and food in the Danish island of Orø

Orø-døgnet 2016

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